This Stuff Will Save You Lots Of Money!

This Stuff Will Save You Lots Of Money!
This Stuff Will Save You Lots Of Money!

Having a car is expensive! 

There is of course the essence that is a sinkhole, but that's not all. 

The repairs at the garage also hurt the budget! 

Even for a small bump, your can be sure that your wallet will suffer. 

Fortunately, there is a trick to fix a bump easily without going to the garage and spending a fortune.

All you need is a hair dryer and an air bomb. 

What you need

 - 1 hairdryer

 - an air bomb.

How to do

1. Heat the bump on the body for about three minutes with the hair dryer.

2. Immediately after, cool the bump with the air bomb for about a minute.

3. Boom! The jail will stand up on its own under your amazed eyes.


Lo and behold, the little bump on your car is gone. 

No need to have your body repaired at the garage!

This thing works for small bumps, hollows and recesses. 

For the air in the bomb to be cold, hold the air bomb upside down as in the video. 

And before using it, remember to shake it well so that the thermal shock is as strong as possible.

Why it works

It is all a question of dilation and contraction. 

The heat from the hair dryer will first expand the body. 

Then the cold of the air bomb will contract it. 

This hot / cold shock will restore the metal to its original form. 

So the next time a person knocks the door of his car on yours, think about trying this thing before spending money at the garage!

Your turn...

Have you tried this economical trick to repair your bodywork? 

Tell us in comments if it's effective. We can not wait to read you!

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