The Strange Tip That I Use EVERY MONTH To No More Exceed My Budget

The Strange Tip That I Use EVERY MONTH To No More Exceed My Budget
The Strange Tip That I Use EVERY MONTH To No More Exceed My Budget

Here is one of my favorite tips for making my personal budget! It's great because it will help you stay within your budget and save money. 

You will see it's great! Not to exceed one's budget is certainly one of the most difficult goals to keep. 

Even the most conscientious people who take the time to sit down each month to make their budget struggle to make it happen.

I set myself unrealistic goals and then I felt guilty for not having kept them ... I knew I could do the shopping for the month on a budget of 400 $.

Unfortunately, I was never able to keep this budget and I exceeded it a lot each time. 

I felt unsuccessful and swore to do better the next month. But the month after that began again ... 

From time to time, we had a little more money to finish the month. 

Either thanks to my odd jobs extra, or thanks to the hours of my boyfriend. 

In this case, it was great because we could increase our budget. I loved those months!

Then, I started to notice a strange trend.

When I set a budget above what I thought was reasonable, 

I managed to spend less that month than when I set a goal below reasonable. 

It does not look super clear? 

Do not worry, I'll take a concrete example: If I usually have a shopping budget of 600 $ per month and I set a budget of 500 $ for the next month to save 100 $, well you can be sure that I will exceed the budget of 500 $ AND in addition to exceed the usual 600 $.

And if I usually have a shopping budget of 600 $ per month and I set a budget for the next month of 700 $, well you can be sure that I will be below 600 $ (and sometimes even below 350 $!) while I have more money to spend. 

To summarize, when I set myself a larger budget that allows me in theory to spend more, and indeed I spend less, much less!

Strange, is not it?

Why does it work?

When I limit myself with a tight budget, I feel stressed and quickly discouraged, because I am afraid of not getting there. 

The slightest misstep (like forgetting my lunch at home and having to buy one), and that's it I feel like I'll never make it. 

Result, I say to myself that it is already done and I do not even make the efforts to respect my budget. It's as if I had already failed ... 

The concern here is not the budget, but my attitude to this budget.

But changing your budget is much easier to do than changing your attitude. 

Changing my attitude would take years and I was not even sure it would work ... Instead, what I do is I use what works for me to achieve the desired results. 

I have already done so successfully in other areas. For example, it also worked when I wanted to lose weight, reduce my meal orders, the number of times I eat fast food and restaurant. 

When I set a budget above what I should normally spend, all of a sudden it's no longer mission impossible. 

I feel much more able to hold it and also more motivated to save as much money as possible. 

In those moments, I love to send text messages to my boyfriend: "Guess what?!?!?! I'm 200 $ below the budget set for the races this month !!!!" 

It's these small day-to-day victories that keep me on the right track. Result, it motivates me to continue and save as much as possible. 

If I make a misstep, I know it will not kill me so I can move on easily without feeling guilty. 

And that, I can tell you that it's half of the war won! In fact, the problem with a personal budget is not really the calculations and the projections to be made. 

The hard part is being able to know yourself and how you react to things. 

Do not force yourself to change some traits of your personality that are carved in stone for years.

Instead, try to find the best way to get around these traits to get the result you want. 

Believe me, there is always a way to get things done.

The most important thing is to find out how to get there even if it means using a strange trick like mine! And you, what are your tips for not exceeding your monthly budget? Share them in comments. 

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