The Easy Tip To Keep Salad 2 Times LONGER

The Easy Tip To Keep Salad 2 Times LONGER
The Easy Tip To Keep Salad 2 Times LONGER

Tired of finding your rotten salad in the bottom of the fridge? 

It happens often when we forget it in the fridge ... 

Not only, it's wasteful, but it's more expense for nothing! 

Fortunately, my grandmother gave me something simple and effective to keep a salad much longer. 

The trick to keep a salad 2 times longer is to put it in a freezer bag with a sheet of Sopalin.

How to do

1. Wash the salad.

2. Wring it well with a wringer.

3. Wrap the Sopalin paper salad.

4. Put it in a freezer bag.

5. Close the bag well.

6. Place the bag in the crisper drawer of the fridge.


And now, you will now be able to keep your salad fresh and crisp 2 times longer. 

Easy, fast and efficient, is not it? In addition, it is economical because it avoids throwing the withered salad and buy another.

Bonus tip

You can also keep your salad in a plastic box if you do not have a freezer bag. 

For this, put a sheet of paper towels at the bottom of the box. 

Place the salad on top and put a sheet of Sopalin over it. 

Close the box carefully and put it in the crisper. 

This trick works to keep all kinds of green salads longer! 

It works with lettuce, lamb's lettuce, curly leaf, batavia, oak leaf, romaine, mesclun, arugula, dandelion or iceberg. 

And it's also effective for spinach shoots. 

Your salad or salad leftovers will easily hold over a week like this.

More tips

- Remember to change the sheet of paper towel regularly to avoid the formation of mold.

- To make this trick even more effective, you can cut some slits in the plastic box so that moisture can escape and the leaves stay cool.

- Also note that you can completely replace the sheets of paper towels with a clean cloth. 

Just wrap it around the salad before putting it in the freezer bag.

Why does it work?

The paper towel (or fabric) absorbs the moisture formed by the salad leaves. 

As a result, mold can not form. 

And the leaves are crisp, very green and fresh.

Your turn...

Did you try this grandmother thing to keep leftover salads? Tell us in comment if it was effective for you. We can not wait to read you!

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