The Amazing Trick To Find A Lost Dog

The Amazing Trick To Find A Lost Dog
The Amazing Trick To Find A Lost Dog

Have you lost your dog? And you don't know how to find it? 

Here is an astounding tip revealed by American hunters who have already lost their dog several times in the forest. 

Thanks to this incredible trick, they have always found their dog. Here's the trick:

How to do

1. The owner of the dog must take a garment that has been worn for at least one day, the longer the better, so that the lost dog can recognize the smell.

2. Next, bring the garment where the dog was last seen and place it there. 

If the dog has a kennel and a toy of its own, you can also take them (unless the location does not allow to leave a kennel). 

It is also useful to leave a note on it asking not to move the dog's objects.

3. Also leave a bowl of water, since the dog has probably not been able to drink recently. 

On the other hand, do not bring food because it could attract other animals which could make your dog run away.

4. Come back the next day, or if possible, check at regular intervals. With any luck, the dog will be there waiting for you.


And there you are, you found your dog.

It may seem incredible that a dog can detect a garment without hearing the voice of its owner shouting its name for hours. 

But as incredible as it may seem, this trick has worked for many people in search of their missing dog. 

They returned to where they had lost their dog and found him quietly waiting for them. And this, even after ten days of research! 

I hope this tip can help someone who has lost their best friend. Good luck.

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