The 10 Uses of Banana Peel You Didn't Know

The 10 Uses of Banana Peel You Didn't Know
The 10 Uses of Banana Peel You Didn't Know

Do you think banana peels are only used to drag people down the street? 

Think again ! You can use them to do many other things. 

So before throwing them away, consider recycling them. 

Here are 10 possible uses for banana peels.

1. Fertilize tomato plants

Wrap a banana peel around the base of your tomato plants so they can absorb nutrients throughout the season.

2. Feed houseplants

Soak a banana peel in a large container of water. Mix 1 volume of this banana water with 5 volumes of clear water. Water your indoor plants with this mixture to fertilize them.

3. Use them as compost

Banana peels decompose quickly and add a lot of nutrients beneficial to gardens and vegetable gardens.

4. Treat itchy rashes

Rub a banana peel on an insect bite, a reaction to stinging plants or on a plaque of psoriasis. Banana peel reduces itching and promotes healing.

5. Feed the animals

Add some soil to dried banana peels to feed chickens, pigs, rabbits and livestock. Also discover: Adopting a Hen is Doubly Economic!

6. Make vinegar

Use the tartness of banana peel vinegar to season salads, to flavor water and tea, or to accompany recipes that need to be spiced up. To prepare your own banana vinegar, simply soak the banana peels in white vinegar. After a few days, filter the vinegar, and voila!

7. Tenderize the meat

Add a ripe banana peel to a casserole dish to prevent pieces of boneless or skinless meat from hardening or drying out during cooking.

8. Eat the skin

Get even more nutrients, fiber and antioxidants from the fruit by boiling the skin for 10 min. Pass it through a juicer or mix it with other fruits. Remember to rinse the skin well to remove pesticides.

9. Attract butterflies and birds

Put the ripe banana peels on a raised platform in the garden and watch them pounce on this sweet treat. Be careful, bees and wasps can also be attracted.

10. Wax leather and silver

With the inner side of a banana peel, rub leather shoes, jackets or furniture. Then wax with a soft cloth. Mix a banana peel with water and use the mixture to shine silver.

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