Never discard the bubble paper again! You could save a lot of money!

Never discard the bubble paper again! You could save a lot of money!

Tired of seeing your electricity bills increase every year? 

It is true that the price of energy is not going down!

Fortunately, there is something simple to save on heating, while keeping you warm all winter, of course! 

The trick is to insulate your windows with bubble wrap.

How to do

1. Take bubble wrap.

2. Cut it to the size of the window.

3. Put tap water in a spray bottle.

4. Spray the water on the window.

5. Put the bubble wrap on the humidified window.

6. Press the bubble wrap to hold it.


And now, you will now save a lot of money in heating.

You will win between 3 and 5 degrees in each room of the house. 

You will spend a warm winter while lowering your EDF bills. 

To keep the bubble wrap even better, you can add some tape on the sides. 

If you do not have bubble wrap, you can find it here. Why does it work? 

Bubble wrap is an excellent thermal insulator that fights the cold. 

It will keep the heat inside your house without it costing you a lot. 

It works for all windows in the house, including sliding doors.

The most effective insulation is to put the bubble wrap on the smooth side towards you and the other side against the window. 

The advantage of this method is that the bubble wrap will stick well against the windows or velux as much time as it takes. 

And when you want to remove it, 
just pull the bubble film and it will leave no trace on the glass.

Your turn...

Have you tried this simple recycling trick to lower electricity and heating bills? 

Tell us in comments if it has been effective for you. 

We can not wait to read you!

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