Natural Treatment Against Cat Fleas

Natural Treatment Against Cat Fleas
Natural Treatment Against Cat Fleas

A cat always brings a lot of hugs, games and love. But it also has disadvantages. 

Among them, fleas, these insects that bite everything. 

A cat can catch them easily. And the flea products are VERY expensive. 

In addition to this, pipettes and other liquids to put on the skin are sometimes not very effective and especially very toxic. 

If ever your cat ingests it (it happened once to mine), it will start spitting, drooling and "crying". 

So, to avoid using these unhealthy remedies, there is a simple and effective way to fight parasites naturally. 

Just use white vinegar and a washcloth.

How to do

1. Put a tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl of water.

2. Dip your washcloth there.

3. Wring it well.

4. Put the washcloth on your cat.


And lo and behold, fleas are not going to bother your cat.

Your cat will stop scratching quickly.

More tips

Your cat will not appreciate this remedy, so I advise you to have someone to hold it! Above all, never apply white vinegar directly to its sensitive skin. 

And if you want to be even more effective, you can use a flea comb after using the washcloth. 

I advise you to repeat this method every two weeks for one or two months, just to be sure that all parasites are gone. 

In addition to a good brushing, you should be quiet.

Your turn...

Do you know of other natural ways to get rid of fleas?

Share your knowledge in comment. We can not wait to read you!

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