My Secret To Keep A Half Lemon For WEEKS!

My Secret To Keep A Half Lemon For WEEKS!
My Secret To Keep A Half Lemon For WEEKS!

Did you use half a lemon to cook? 

But you still have the other half in your hands? 

If you do not keep it the right way, it may not last long! 

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to keep a lemon cut in half for weeks. 

The trick is to put it in the fridge in a cup with a little white vinegar.

What you need ?

- White vinegar

- cup

How to do ?

1. Take a small cup.

2. Pour a base of white vinegar into it.

3. Place the half lemon in the dish, flesh side.

4. Put the dish in the fridge.


There you go ! Your started lemon can now be kept for weeks.

Easy, fast and efficient, is not it? In addition, it is really fresh as the first day! 

The lemon does not spoil and does not even dry out.

You can use it days later as if nothing had happened. It keeps for more than 15 days easily. 

This trick works for lemons and lemons, but also for all citrus fruits.

Why does it work ?

White vinegar is an excellent preservative. 

This is why it is used in pickles! Soaked in vinegar, the half-lemon can be preserved for a week. 

By putting everything in the fridge, you extend the conservation by at least 1 additional week.

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandmother thing to keep a lemon started longer? 

Tell us in comment if it was effective for you. 

We can not wait to read you!

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