My 5 Tips for Surviving Difficult Ends of Months!

My 5 Tips for Surviving Difficult Ends of Months!
My 5 Tips for Surviving Difficult Ends of Months!

When the wallet is almost empty on the 20th of the month, there is no question of giving up! 

Here are 5 tips to pass this course and above all, avoid paying agios and unpaid fees. 

First of all, know that whatever your financial situation, the main thing is to manage and optimize your budget, however tight it may be.

1. Use the good old envelope method

A great classic: at the start of the month, we define our budget for each item. 

Then add the corresponding amount to each item in a different envelope. If possible, we add a hard blow envelope. 

If you don't like having cash at home, you can imagine a "virtual" system.

2. Do not use a bank card 

When you do your shopping, and especially a shopping spree, leave your bank card or checkbook at home! 

And leave only with the amount you can spend in cash. When there is no more, there is no more!

3. Request a delay for the debit of checks 

When you pay by check, always ask the person who cashes it if it can be debited 1 day, 1 week or, 1 month later. 

On the number, it will necessarily work a few times. Better than nothing. 

Just remember to deduct the sums from your budget, so as not to spend them a second time ...

4. Sign your checks in a specific way 

When you sign your check, do it by passing on the number located at the bottom. 

This increases processing time by a day or two because it cannot be automated. 

It is not much, but sometimes it allows you to pass the course.

5. Avoid end-of-month withdrawals 

To avoid end-of-month withdrawals, there are 2 solutions. 

Either you pay by check by sending it at the last moment at a slow rate (cost: 0.78 € per shipment therefore much lower than unpaid fees). 

Or you try to negotiate a transfer on the 5th of the following month. 

In any case, never write a wooden check (greater than your authorized overdraft) because it is the forbidden bank insurance. 

And in the event of a hard blow, notify your banker.

They are often more understanding than people think in good faith.

Your turn...

Perhaps you have other tricks of your own to survive the end of difficult months? Entrust them to us in comments! We can't wait to read you.

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