Money Tip: Pay in Cash and Not in Credit Card

Money Tip: Pay in Cash and Not in Credit Card
Money Tip: Pay in Cash and Not in Credit Card

Credit cards were created to give the illusion that you can spend as much money as you want. 

You just have to swipe your credit card on the device.

But, frankly, is it the best solution to save money? 

The trick to not spending too much is to pay in cash.

I pay in cash

Paying cash for all your purchases is a tip for realizing the money you really spend. 

Automatically, you will spend less money because when you take out your tickets, you are better aware of the amount you pay. 

Obviously, it's a little less practical to walk around with your banknotes and coins. 

But not to spend it out of the blue, it's excellent!

Savings made

As paradoxical as it may seem, credit cards are, in most cases, a nightmare if you want to save money. 

We are better aware of the amount spent by paying in cash. 

And quite naturally, you will start to pay attention to your purchases and your expenses. 

A very effective tip for making lasting savings, including avoiding unnecessary bank charges.

Your turn...

Do you pay in cash or do you prefer to pay by credit card for your purchases? 

Leave us a comment to give us your preferences. 

We can't wait to read you! Do you like this trick ? 

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