How to Survive an Entire Month Without ANY Expense

How to Survive an Entire Month Without ANY Expense
How to Survive an Entire Month Without ANY Expense

Need to save money fast? 

Or to reduce your expenses for 1 month? 

So here is a method that should help you achieve this. 

This technique is called "the month without any expense". 

Do not worry, it's a lot easier than it looks.

What is the "Month Without Any Spending"?

The principle of the month without any expense is very simple. 

It is simply a time when you will only spend money on what is really essential. 

The goal is to avoid at all costs all other types of expenses. 

What is an essential expense? Good question. 

This is for example that made to repay a credit, buy gasoline and basic food (such as basic necessities, bread, milk). 

Basically, the goal of the No-No-Spend Month is to avoid secondary expenses, such as going out to restaurants, buying clothes, shopping pleasures, and so on.

Define the rules of this challenge

Each family may have a very different idea of ​​what constitutes essential expenses. 

In the same way, each household has very different means. 

So, it's up to you to define what is essential or not.

But do not be too wide otherwise it will not work! 

It is therefore important to find the right balance. 

Do you usually store food in your cupboards? So the Month Without No Spend is the right time to hit the reserves! 

You avoid spending money on food (except fresh produce and bread). 

It's also a great way to empty the pantry and freezer while restricting your expenses. 

No mess and no waste! Also remember that some expired products are still consumable after the expiry date. 

Discover our article on the subject here. If you do not have food stocks at home (bravo!), Set the rules of the game that you have the right to go to the supermarket to buy basic products such as rice, pasta, etc. 

To conclude, the only rules of this challenge are those that you and your family will accept and that will work for you all.

Set a specific goal

If you have a concrete goal for which you want to save for a whole month, it will be much easier to succeed. 

Here are some examples of goals that you may have to motivate yourself: save to pay for a vacation, save money to pay back credit faster, save money for work in the house. 

Make sure everyone in your household knows the reason for this challenge. 

It will also help you succeed. 

To keep your motivation throughout the month, remember to remind yourself regularly why you are doing this challenge. 

Feel free to print your lens on a paper sheet to hang it on the door of the room. 

Also consider setting a specific amount you want to save during this month without any expense.

Have a plan of attack

The important thing in this challenge is to know yourself well. 

Know from the start what will be the expense you will have the most trouble cutting during the month and get ready for it. 

For example, if you have a cup of coffee every morning in a bar, set up a coffee machine at home and prepare your own little coffee yourself. 

If the challenge includes not spending 1 whole month on food, set up a meal plan. 

You need to know exactly what you will eat day after day. 

This avoids the temptation to run to the supermarket or order a pizza when it is late and there is nothing ready for dinner.

This will also give you the opportunity to organize your fridge, pantry and freezer. 

You will know exactly what is available to make your menus and for how long. 

The main idea is to stay away from the shops. Why ?

Because it is much easier to save money when you are not in a place full of temptations. 

So avoid shopping centers like the plague! 

If you need to go to the grocery store, make sure you have a shopping list (and stick to it).

Know in advance what you will do with these savings

Once you have successfully completed the Month Without No Spend Challenge, you can hope you have changed your spending habits. 

And who knows, maybe that will make you want to continue to lower your daily expenses? 

Because you will see that the feeling of freedom is very pleasant, once the challenge is successful! 

In any case, this is not the time to start spending everything that you have saved hard! 

It would still be a pity after so much effort, is not it? You risk ruining all your savings for nothing. 

So the best is to decide in advance what you will do with this pot and especially to keep this commitment once you finish this month without spending. 

To conclude, know that for me, this month without any expense taught me how to better manage my purchases. 

Now, I used to wait at least 2 days before buying something I want. 

And often after 2 days, I realize that I do not necessarily want, nor need. And hop, savings in the pocket.

Your turn...

Have you tried this month's challenge without any expense? 

Tell us in comments if it worked for you. 

We can not wait to read you! 

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