How to Make an Anti blowflies Spray In Your Kitchen (Easy And Super Effective).

How to Make an Anti blowflies Spray In Your Kitchen
How to Make an Anti blowflies Spray In Your Kitchen 

Tired of the chemicals in fly repellents? Me too ! 

Are you looking for a natural alternative? 

Well, I have a super effective one for you! It is true that each year, it is the same dilemma ... 

Do we let ourselves be invaded by flies or do we prefer to breathe chemicals? 

Previously, I used any repellents. It didn't matter what it contained, as long as the bugs no longer bothered me. 

But when I read the labels, I quickly got scared! So, I looked for equally effective natural alternatives to replace these insecticides.

After long research and various tests, I finally found an all natural fly repellant recipe that only uses aromatic herbs from the garden! 

My natural recipe requires only 4 ingredients: lavender, peppermint, water and witch hazel. 

Don't worry, this homemade recipe is super easy to make. 

Here is the recipe for the natural fly repellant that you can make in your kitchen.

1. Choose the right herbs


For this recipe, I use aromatic herbs grown in my garden. 

What is practical is that any garden has a base of mint and lavender. 

Lavender brings a sweet scent to your garden, and it has been proven to repel insects naturally. 

Flies hate her! Lavender also has health benefits: it is a natural soothing agent good for the skin and well-being.

Pepper mint

The other effective herb for this natural repellant is peppermint. 

Its strong smell is known to repel even the most stubborn flies. In addition, mosquitoes hate it too.

This makes it another essential herb in your garden or on your balcony. 

I use the stems and leaves, which makes about 3 or 4 tablespoons of herbs. 

However, I do not recommend using dried herbs to do this repellent. Why ? 

Because they do not contain enough essential oils since they lack moisture.

2. Release essential oils

The first step in creating your fly repellant is to release the essential oils from your herbs. 

Why ? Because it is one of the active ingredients in a repellent. 

The method is very simple and fast. 

Even if it is not the method of large distillers of essential oils, it is perfect for making a natural insect repellent. 

To release the essential oils from the herbs, mash them lightly. 

Then bring 500 ml of water almost to the boil: turn off the heat just before it really boils. And add your herbs.

3. Let it brew

To make the repellant, let the herbs steep until the water is cold. 

In addition, it will smell super good at home! Cover the mixture to keep the essential oils released in the infusion. 

Why ? Because essential oils are released in the vapor, and the lid makes them fall back into the water. 

This is an important trick because you must not lose the active principle of the repellent!

4. Add the witch hazel

Filter the water with a tea or coffee filter and put it in a glass jar. 

Add 500 ml of witch hazel (as much as water at the start) directly into the jar and mix. 

The witch hazel acts as a binder, which will allow the smell of the herbs to settle on your skin longer. 

The anti-insect action will therefore be boosted if the smell remains well fixed! If you don't like the smell of witch hazel, you can use alcohol at 70 °, which is just as effective.

5. Put in a spray

Once everything is mixed, your natural fly spray is already ready. 

Easy, fast and effective, right? 

Just pour it into a spray, and it's ready to use immediately. 

As soon as you go outside, just spray it on your skin and clothes to be quiet and say goodbye to flies! 

Know that it is safe for children, because the natural oils of the herbs have been diluted in water and witch hazel.

And obviously, it does not contain chemicals like other commercial repellents!

More info

- You can also use lemongrass. I also tried it by adding it to the recipe, but I know that not everyone has it in their garden. 

- You can always buy lemongrass essential oils if you want to add it. 

- This spray can even be used on your horse's saddle cloth to scare away insects in summer.

Your turn...

Have you tested this grandmother's thing against flies? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!

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