How to Maintain the Water of an Inflatable Pool for Children?

How to Maintain the Water of an Inflatable Pool for Children?
How to Maintain the Water of an Inflatable Pool for Children?

Install a small inflatable summer pool outside, kids love it! 

But how to keep a clear and clean water and clean this inflatable pool? 

Looking for a refreshing idea for the whole family, I decided to install a small inflatable pool in my garden. 

It's more eco-friendly than taking 3 showers a day, and it refreshes durably. 

Plus, kids love to splash around and have a great time with the family! 

But how to maintain the water without a pump?

Yes, but after a few days, the water is already cloudy and the inside of the pool becomes slippery due to the development of green algae. 

We already have a lot less desire to swim there! So how to keep this water clean without installing a motorized pump that costs an arm?

Treat the water?

I was looking for a natural treatment for the water of my inflatable pool. 

Knowing the multiple virtues of white vinegar, I put in the pool. 

No improvement with this natural product, unfortunately. 

So I turned to pool treatment products. 

No need for a net, I use my colander to pick up small animals. 

To treat the water, I found a chlorine treatment kit for 20 $ (1 pebble in the water per week). 

I think this kind of treatment can be interesting, when you do not have a 2-year-old who spends his time swallowing water. 

And then, what to do with this treated water? 

The only solution will be to throw it away. Pity !

I change it and recycle it!

At first glance, changing the water when it is dirty does not seem environmentally friendly or economical. 

But when you know that the average price per cubic meter of water is about 3.30 $, fill my small pool of 2 meters in diameter and a depth of 40 cm to me at just under 5 $ . 

I avoid filling it to the maximum to spend less, and when the water is dirty, I recover the untreated water to water my plants. 

So, no mess and I keep clean water in my inflatable pool! In the end, changing the water every week costs me even less than putting in treatment products ... 

And who knows, are they efficient enough to keep the water clean for weeks? 

If you know, tell me, I'm interested. 

In addition, the water in my pool is of better quality and I can get it to water my garden. An economy of more!

This is the best way to keep the pool clean and maintain the water.

Your turn...

And you, have you installed an inflatable pool for your children? 

How did you manage water quality? Tell me in comment!

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