9 Tricks To Recognize A Liar And Do Not Have To Have

9 Tricks To Recognize A Liar And Do Not Have To Have
9 Tricks To Recognize A Liar And Do Not Have To Have

Do not be fooled when someone tells a lie, it is not given to everyone. 

Being able to recognize gestures, mimicry and words that betray a liar is a huge benefit. 

We lie very often. 

Whether it's harmless little lies or big pipos, human beings have always lied and this very regularly. 

Learn to detect them so you do not get trapped.

A lie study was conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts. 

The results are astonishing: 

- When two strangers meet, they lie to each other within the first 10 minutes of their meeting. 

Example: "Yes I love my job, it's really fulfilling ..." 

- A married couple is lying about once every 10 interactions. 

Example: "Honey, you look even slimmer with this dress, promised ..." 

- When we are not married, we lie once all 3 interactions! 

- A teenager lies to his parents once in 5 on average.

When we lie, our body expressions and our way of speaking betray us. 

In general we detect 54% of the lies we are told. 

With a little practice, you will soon be able to recognize up to 90% of cracks and other haunting ...

This method allows to detect the true lies, those that we tell you when we do not want or that we afraid to tell you the truth. 

However, you will not necessarily detect small exaggerations of your loved ones with these 10 tips.

The 9 tips to avoid being trapped

According to the research of the American writer, Pamela Meyers, author of "Liespotting", here are the gestures, mimicry and expressions that a liar uses when he lies to you.

Retain them to improve your own lie detector.

1. A liar takes a distance from the alleged facts

When Bill Clinton says "I did not have sex with this woman," he could have said "I did not have a relationship with Monika but he chose to distance himself to make us believe that he hardly knew, that he does not even remember his name ...

2. A liar uses specific and restrictive expressions

The best known being: "To tell you the truth ...". Please specify, I would have thought that you would pip if not ... :-)

3. A liar repeats the question before answering Why?

To allow him to save time to formulate his answer. A person who speaks the truth is more spontaneous and the words come easily.

4. A liar stares at you too long in the eyes 

A person who tells the truth keeps very little contact time when she looks you in the eye. A liar who tries to convince you will put more effort into it. Keeping in touch too long is one of the signs that do not deceive, says Pamela Meyers in his book.

5. The false smile of the liar

When we lie the emotions are wrong because they have no connection with the truth. 

The liar to transcribe emotions can be made to smile.

Except that it is almost impossible to reproduce a spontaneous smile. 

Besides we see it on our photos, we always have a frozen smile that makes us ugly. 

A forced smile resembles that of photos where only the mouth smiles. 

When you make a real smile, the eyes contract because of the emotion produced and small wrinkles appear in the corner of the eyes. 

A real smile is seen in the eyes.

6. The liar gives too much detail

To prove his lie, the liar goes a little too hard on the details. It is not natural. 

When you start wondering why you are told all these details is that there is eel under rock or whale under gravel.

7. The liar can suggest how to punish the "real culprit"

If the liar feels guilty, he may be led to indicate how he would punish the "real culprit". 

In general, someone who tells the truth, does not need to enter into this type of considerations. 

At the sight of such behavior, your lie detector must go to the "Level 3 Alert" stage!

8. A liar will not be able to tell his story upside down

If you feel unclear in what you are told, ask questions by reversing the timeline. 

When one is lying, it is very difficult to tell one's story beginning with the end. 

This technique is also used by the best police investigators ...

9. A liar points his feet outward

Body language matters a lot. 

A negative attitude with arms crossed and feet pointing outward are signs that do not deceive.

Someone who wants you good will rather tend to point his feet towards you and to speak with open arms ...

For these techniques to serve you, remember that the communication between two human beings is not an exact science and that everyone expresses himself differently according to his shyness, his mood, his personality. 

To fool yourself as little as possible, try to understand the person who is talking to you. 

Pay attention to the way that person usually looks at you, his manners, his gestures. 

You will be better able to detect lies. 

What is the last lie we told you? Share this anecdote with us in comments. 

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