8 Tips to Tell Your Kids To Make Them Happy

8 Tips to Tell Your Kids To Make Them Happy
8 Tips to Tell Your Kids To Make Them Happy

All parents in the world have one thing in common. 

They want the happiness of their children. 

But what to say or do to make them flourish? 

We offer you 8 sentences to say regularly to your children so that they grow up happy:

1. Try it, find out!

Encourage your child to make new discoveries, new experiences, to try new things. 

Let go of his hand and let him fend for himself, making sure he doesn't take reckless risks. 

You will make him want to be curious and help him to trust him!

2. Make your own choice.

Letting him choose between two or three options gives him so much self-confidence, even if your child is still small. 

He / she will have confidence in him and will not hesitate to assert himself.

3. You are safe.

A child thrives only if he feels safe. 

So it's important to remind him that he doesn't risk anything by your side, that you're there to protect him.

4. I am happy thanks to you.

Don't forget to tell her that you are lucky to have a child like him / her. 

On a daily basis, we sometimes tend to emphasize only the negative aspects!

5. I trust you.

By these simple words, you give him your approval and he is an incredible force to achieve his projects. 

You encourage and empower him too.

6. You are unique.

Not easy to build your identity, to assert your personality, to adhere to your own values ​​... 

It is important to remind your child that he is great as he is. 

He must learn to value himself.

7. Did you make a mistake? It does not matter !

An error, a stupidity, a failure ... it happens to everyone and that's how we learn. 

If your child is paralyzed by the fear of hurting, he will not dare to try anything again. 

The important thing is to learn from mistakes and fix your mistakes.

8. I love you

Because it’s the most important, right?

There you go ! You now know how to help your child be fulfilled.

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