5 Easy to Recycle Items to Be Super Proud of Home Decor

5 Easy to Recycle Items to Be Super Proud of Home Decor.
5 Easy to Recycle Items to Be Super Proud of Home Decor.

A great home away from home is not just for the lucky ones who go on the D & Co show on M6. 

You do not agree ? And no need to spend a fortune in decorating your home! Just recycle some items to have a custom decor. 

With these 5 ideas of objects to recycle, your neighbors will not believe their eyes.

1. A strainer shade

You've found a lot of colanders in your attic and you do not know what to do with them. 

And why not a lampshade? A different color per room, nice no?

2. A coat rack hanger

The old Grandma's forks that do not go to the flea market embarrass you. 

Why not twist them a bit and nail them to the wall to make original coat racks?

3. A flowerpot fan rack

When nature recycles an object of everyday life, that gives that. 

If your fan goes down, you now know what to do with it: show off beautiful flowers.

4. An organizer part

When you change your shutters, do not throw them away. 

They can be repainted and serve as a practical organizer for your kitchen. 

It serves both to store the mail, hang the papers to find his keys easily.

5. A shelf drawer

With just a little varnish or paint, an old cabinet drawer or dresser can become a beautiful wall shelf. 

Had to think about it! 

Your turn...

And you, what is the idea that you prefer among these 5 original ideas? Do you know of other items to recycle? Share them in comments.

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