5 Cooking Waters NEVER Throw Again!

5 Cooking Waters NEVER Throw Again!
5 Cooking Waters NEVER Throw Again!

When we cook, we all tend to throw the cooking water down the sink ... 

But in fact, it's a shame! Why ? Because the cooking water can be used for many things at home. 

And it's true for vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta and eggs as well. 

Here are 5 cooking waters that you will never need to throw away.

1. Vegetable water


- food (broth and soup)

- natural fertilizer for the garden


- very good source of nutrients

- remineralizing

- relieves digestive disorders

2. Potato water


- restores shine to silverware

- cosmetic (mask)

- against weeds


- natural weedkiller

- hydrates the skin

 3. Rice water 


- cosmetic

- food


- helps shine hair

- ingested, it has anti-diarrhea properties

4. Pasta water


 - household product

- against weeds


- stain removal and descaling function

- natural weedkiller

5. Egg water


- very effective organic fertilizer

 - as an energy drink


- very rich in nutrients

- enriches the earth

- ideal in case of fatigue to replenish your energy


And there you are, you now know how to use the cooking water when you cook. 

Easy, quick and efficient, right? 

No more throwing the cooking water down the sink!

For vegetable cooking water, it works with all vegetables: carrots, leeks, cabbage, endives, spinach, beets, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, chard, and turnips. 

And besides for the chickpea juice, here is what you can do with it.

Your turn...

And you, do you know of other uses of vegetable water? Share them in comments. 

We can't wait to read you! 

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