4 Grandma's Remedies To Calm Cough Quickly

4 Grandma's Remedies To Calm Cough Quickly
4 Grandma's Remedies To Calm Cough Quickly

Dry cough irritation or oily cough, your throat is irritated and you cough all day. 

Looking for a grandmother's remedy to quickly calm your cough and relieve irritation? 

Fortunately, there are grandmother's remedies for coughing naturally.

1. Take a spoon of honey

Honey is ideal for soothing throat irritation and coughing. 

Prefer an organic and unheated honey. 

This type of honey retains its virtues and is therefore more effective. 

Lavender, pine or propolis honeys are recommended to relieve and disinfect the throat

How to do

a. Put a spoonful of honey in your mouth.

b. Let the honey melt gently.

c. Repeat several times during the day.

2. Drink a softening herbal tea

In addition to honey, you can drink a soothing and antiseptic herbal tea to soothe a scratchy throat.

How to do

a. Boil 1 liter of water.

b. Infuse 3 to 4 teaspoons of mauve flowers, a sprig of thyme and rosemary.

c. Drink this herbal tea all day long.

3. Drink onion syrup

The onion has anti-inflammatory properties and it promotes the elimination of mucus by liquefying it. 

Ideal to stop coughing! In addition, it has the merit of being cheap. 

You can also use turnips for this remedy.

How to do

a. Cut an onion or turnip into thin strips.

b. Cover the slices with cane sugar or honey.

c. Let macerate all night.

d. Filter them to extract the juice.

e. Drink this juice.

The anti-waste trick: use the remaining onions to caramelize and make a nice little dish.

4. Eliminate some foods

Some foods are loaded with toxins that dry the throat and cause coughing. 

Try to eliminate gluten and dairy products for at least several weeks to see if there is an effect.

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