35 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Old Tires

35 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Old Tires
35 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Old Tires

Used tires are a real headache when it comes to waste management and recycling. But fortunately, there are ingenious ways to reuse them. 

DIY tips that can recycle tires and prevent them from being thrown anywhere and pollute the soil. 

Here are 35 great ideas for recycling old tires. Tell us in comments which one you prefer!

1. In dog basket

2. In footrest

3. In luminaries

4. In a mirror frame

5. In flower pot

6. In garden table

7. In audio enclosure

8. In swing

9. In hammock

10. Garden stairs

11. In a chair

12. In a tea cup shaped planter

13. In sandbox

14. In Scarecrow "Minions"

15. In golden coffee table

16. In a hanging planter

17. In armor

18. In umbrella stand

19. In children's games

20. In chairs

21. In bins for recycling

22. In a gardener for the garden

23. In the streets of a green city

24. In swing swing

25. In garden stools

26. In a sofa

27. In outdoor armchairs

28. In poufs

29. In hanging planters

30. To build houses

31. In a side table for coffee

32. In patio furniture

33. In Advent wreath

34. In candlestick

35. Wall for an earthship

So that gives you ideas? Which one do you prefer? Tell us in comments.

Caution: Scientific studies indicate that tires gradually release chemicals into their environment that can be harmful in the long run.

It is therefore preferable not to use tires in planters of edible plants for example.

For other uses, there should be no concern, especially if the tires are covered or not touched very often.

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